August 14, 2014


Life has been a little bit nuts. Isn't always? The blog got a little makeover and I am so happy how it turned out. It took me a little longer than I expected (redesigning a blog is not the easiest, but I am learning) and there is still some tweaking to take care of. We have been busy, busy this summer with working and school and then trying to squeeze in as much fun time as we can! We've been enjoying picnics, outdoor movies, late night s'mores (my favorite), and as of this past week, lots of shark week watching. School is coming up all too quickly. We are excited to finish up our last year of school and to get into a schedule, but kind of dreading how busy we are going to be. This summer has just been way too good to us. We don't ever want it to end! 
 ^^we went up to park city one night for a different scene and we enjoyed walking around downtown, eating ice cream, and enjoying the cooler weather.^^
 ^^went on a little nature adventure. utah sure is pretty!^^
 ^^we watched our cousins for a weekend and we had the best time playing and exploring. i love living so close and making memories with those little guys.^^
 ^^one saturday afternoon we went to the provo river and did some bridge jumping. we happened to go at the same time as another large, loud family, but we made the best of it and had a good time.^^
 ^^scott and i went on a little picnic with our friends, the zylstras. it was a beautiful place and the clouds even let up for us to enjoy a beautiful sunset.^^
 ^^for date night, scott and i tracked down a food truck that serves carolina bbq. we were introduced by the deavers a while back when we went to the food truck round up and it had been on my mind ever since. it was delicious!^^
^^like i said, enjoying as much time as we can in the outdoors...and with friends^^

August 4, 2014


since coke came out with their new marketing campaign #shareacoke, i've had my eyes peeled for a diet coke with scott's name on it. my dream would be to have mine on there, but there is no chance. i was at target the other day and decided it wasn't in my luck to just pick one up. so, i went through every mini fridge in their 20 check out isles and finally found it. i was giddy the whole day because of it. its the little things.

July 31, 2014

pioneer day

in utah, pioneer day is a state holiday! for us, that meant we were supposed to take the day we have off to remember and honor our pioneer heritage. you could say we did that! our day was packed with fun activities. it started with a little round robin tennis tournament with a few friends. scott paired up with regan clifford/benson and they ended up winning the whole thing! we even got a fun grand prize. from tennis we went over to the clifford/benson household for some delicious waffles. we then relaxed at home a bit before we met up with the deavers who drove down from slc to hang out with us. we went to the pool and then the provo food truck round up where we ate so much delicious food!! we were stuffed by the end of the night but couldn't leave before i introduced them to my favorite donut truck! it was a hit. we ended the night with fireworks and sparklers. it was like the 4th of july all over again. i'm a fan of summer holidays. 

July 28, 2014

What A Dream

Hellllllo!! It's been a while. We've been without internet so the blog has hit the back burner (once again). Scott and I recently returned from our vacation visiting my family in the South. I am so excited to share all of our adventures just as soon as I get through our hundreds of pictures. For now, I'll just tell you how much fun we had. Our first stop was North Topsail Island, North Carolina where we met up with my 42 other relatives and spent a week at the beach. This is the highlight of my year and by far my favorite week of the year. Having Scott there was a dream come true. We baked in the sun, played in the warm ocean, boogie boarded, kayaked, ate southern food, enjoyed walks on the beach, played with cousins, filmed our video, and just had a grand time. We then headed back to Tennessee to continue the party for a few more days. My mother was born and raised in Knoxville, TN and I have been visiting at least once, sometimes twice a year my whole life. I love going there, visiting family, and just having the best time with my cousins. My fondest memories are from summers spent in Knoxville. I was so excited to show Scott what Tennessee was all about. I know it will never mean the same to him as it does to me but I am so glad I was able to show him around a bit and introduce him to a few traditions. More to come! 

July 17, 2014

Smith Cousin Music Video 2014

every year, our family travels to North Carolina for beach trip. and every year (since 2010) we have been making a music video. it's always so fun to film during our trip and, of course, watch it all together. this year we incorporated a color fight into the filming. my uncle brian, the producer/director of the video, bought 100 packets of colored chalk for us to play with. we had a blast! i mean, how could you not? when the light was almost gone, we ran our colorful bodies over to the ocean and all played around trying to get the color off as best we could. we didn't do a very good job but still decided going out for ice cream was a must. we were stared at the whole night because, well, 44 of us were all crammed into a tiny ice cream parlor plus we had colored skin and hair. we were quite the sight, i'm sure.
this tradition is one of my favorites. it is so fun to run around our little island, messing around, and making memories with my cousins. and without further ado, i introduce the smith cousin music video 2014

if you are interested in our past videos-2010-2011-2012-2013-be my guest and take a look! they are quite fun to watch over and over again, if you ask me;)

July 6, 2014

4th of july festivities

we had a fabulous holiday weekend. although we were missing our families, we still managed to have a great time! our festivities started on the 3rd with a private mindy gledhill concert!! it was so much fun and she is so good. we sat outside and enjoyed an hour and a half of her playing any song of our choice. then we ended the night with some fireworks. on the 4th, scott got to attend the provo parade with our friends while i had to work. i then made a ton of cupcakes for a bbq while scott had to work. that evening we met up with friends for a bbq and a concert on a rooftop in provo. the concert consisted of songs from the woodstock. it was a beautiful night and we had a great time listening to old songs. the concert ended just in time for us to hop in the car and steal a great spot for the firework show. like we were right under them, it was awesome. we ended the night with some sparklers and s'mores. we had the best time for our first 4th together as a couple!!