Easter Prep

Easter is just around the corner! It has really been on my mind lately because of this video. I  love how everyone is expressing themselves through the hashtag #becauseofhim on social media. I feel like I connect with them in a different way. Last year Scott wrote down his testimony of Christ and gave it to me on Easter and I loved it. With this trending hashtag and Scott's gesture last year on my mind, it got my wheels turning for a little project. 

I made a little hand out as an easy way to write down your testimony for your loved ones, visiting teachers, neighbors, or a complete stranger. You can choose from a "he lives!" or "because of him" handout. Paired with a delicious cupcake, no one will turn down the nice gesture and it will be a nice way to share what you believe! Downloads for the print out here and here.


cousin picnic

On Saturday afternoon, my cousins and I got together for a little picnic. The weather was a little gloomy compared to the sunshine we've experienced all week, but nothing too extreme to keep us from enjoying Spring. We had sandwiches on homemade bread (that I made earlier in the week..so proud!), fresh watermelon, chips, lemonade, and the best of all....homemade ice cream!! Scott and I broke out our ice cream maker and made the Smith famous Swiss Orange Chip. It was delicious and I can tell you that we will be making ice cream weekly this Summer! 

Our time all together here in Provo is coming to an end. Hannah and Lauren leave right after finals to go home to prepare and leave for missions. I am so proud of them but a part of me wishes they'd stay! We have grown so close as a group and we've had such a fun time being college students at the same time. I will forever be grateful for this year, that I was lucky enough to have 4 cousins here with me at school. I look up to each of them and they have helped me in more ways than they know. Luckily, Christopher and Patrick will still be here for another year so I get to bug them with a sudden drop-by or make them double with us. I am so blessed to have cousins who are also best friends. 
^^Our new favorite game...Tenzee! It is addicting and can get very intense at times. We've played this a time or two all together and it's kept us entertained for hours!^^


California Pt. 2

The rest of our weekend in California was fun and relaxing. Scott's parents now reside in Carlsbad so it's always a good time! We spent a lot of time outdoors, ate a lot of good food, and enjoyed family. Scott and I both wish we were back there instead of getting ready for finals!! 
^^Friday morning we went on a little adventure. We found a place that has waffle tacos...hello! so good. also, I am so obsessed with how cute scott is in this picture. love him.^^
^^we then went on a long bike ride...^^
^^...and then Scott almost killed me taking me out on the jetty. it was worth it!^^
^^after hitting some tennis balls around, napping, and pedicures with my sister-in-laws, we went out to see the sunset and ate at a yummy Italian restaurant.^^
^^Saturday morning we went out and got some donuts (obviously delicious) and toured downtown San Diego. It's all kind of a blur to me because I was not feeling well whatsoever. BUT, that place is seriously awesome and I can't believe Scott calls that place home!^^
^^When the boys went to the Priesthood session, the girls hung out at home, playing dress up and singing "let it go" 100 time or more. Its fun to be an aunt!^^
^^Sunday we visited the pier before we left. A school of dolphins even swam by. It was so cool!!^^
^^I wanted a picture by this pelican and right as I came up to it, it flew right towards my head. A very scary .2 seconds. I had to call it quits after that!! Until next time, CA!^^


California Pt. 1: Disney

Last week, Scott and I flew out to California to surprise his mom! Everything worked out perfectly and we had the best time! Our first day there we went to the Disneyland Resort all. day. long. Seriously 8am to midnight. It was the best!! I hadn't been to Disneyland in 11 years and I was so excited! Unfortunately, I got a massive headache and achey body in the middle of the day (which carried out through the rest of the weekend) and it dampened my spirits just a bit. We still managed to experience the magic and I can't wait for Scott to take me again! :) 
 ^^first ride of the day! Thunder Mountain.^^
 ^^the weather was perfect! a little too sunny for Scott's eyes as you can see.^^
 ^^parade through California Adventure^^
^^Cars Land might have been my favorite. That place was so cool!! I couldn't believe how much it looked like the movie. Plus the ride was awesome!^^
 ^^Just before we hit up California Screamin' (twice). I love big roller coasters and that one did not disappoint!^^
 ^^Right before California Adventure closes, they put on this huge water, color, fire show. It is amazing. I don't even know how to explain it, I was just in awe the whole time!^^
^^We headed back over to Disneyland around 10pm to catch some of our favorite rides until closing. By the time we made it back to the car, our bodies ached and we were exhausted, but it was definitely worth it. ^^


Happy Birthday to my Mama!

Today is the birthday of the greatest woman I know. She classy and kind, a very hard worker, smart, patient, and gracious. She is a loving mother, a best friend, and an all-around perfect lady. I aspire to be like her one day and I know both of my sisters think the same! 

The last few years I've been away, my mom and I have become very close. I get teary eyed thinking about how great she really is and how lucky I am to have such a great mother. I just adore her in every possible way. She really is my favorite person and I look up to her more than she'll every know. Happy Birthday Mama, you're looking better than ever! 


The weekend

Scott and I are in California for the weekend! We've already spent a whole day at the Disneyland Resort with his family and we had a blast!! The next three days will be full of relaxation, the beach, and watching LDS General Conference. We are both very excited! 

happy weekend!  


"Carolina in my Mind"

Sing along with me! "In my mind I'm going to Carolina. Can't you see the sunshine, can't you just feel the moonshine....Yes, I'm going to Carolina in my mind."-James Taylor

This song has been in my head all. week. long. Why, you ask? Well, Scott and I bought our tickets for our North Carolina/Tennessee trip this Summer! Now all I can think about is the humid air, lush greenery, the warm ocean, sea oat grass, family, and relaxation. I need it now more than ever and July can not come fast enough. I am so excited to get my West Coast husband over to the East Coast to experience how the Southerners do a beach trip. I'm also excited for him to visit Knoxville and get a taste of how I spent my last 22 Summers. It is going to be a blast! I am already planning away, trying to get every detail I can in the short days we'll be there. I am so giddy I can hardly stand it! Go here to listen to the full song because I'm sure its stuck in your head now as well!